Help us defeat the FDA's deeming regulations!

As you may or may not know, Lost Art Liquids has a lawsuit filed currently vs the FDA(Read about it here). We believe that electronic cigarettes and e liquid should not be regulated as a tobacco product. The FDA's deeming regulations will impact not only our company, but consumers like yourself, who we believe should have access to quality e liquid at a fair price. The FDA deeming regulations could potentially destroy an entire industry and put the power into the hands of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.
The EVCA, in conjuction with Congressman Duncan Hunter, have been working extremely hard to draft a bill that would repeal and replace the FDA's regulations.
They are using a unique strategy to achieve this goal.
Federal law requires that all levels of government “Coordinate” with the lowest level of government (the one closest to the people) prior to enacting any policies, laws, or regulations in order to ensure that there is no negative economic impact on the local community. When the FDA passed the regs, they did not coordinate to ensure that small businesses would not be negatively impacted.
We all know that the FDA Deeming Regulations not only have a negative impact on our businesses, but as our businesses suffer, so do the communities in which we reside. Through the legal process of “Coordination” the case will be proven that the FDA failed to follow the law prior to implementing the regulations, and the process will prove that the deeming regulations will have a negative economic impact on local communities.
This strategy is one of legal recourse, and not a political one. This is NOT another petition - this can stop the clock on current regulations within 60 days! Any donation is appreciated, no matter how small!!! Even just $2 can help!
If you have succesfully quit smoking cigarettes and vaping has had a positive impact on your life, please consider donating to EVCA's cause.
For more information and to donate please visit this site:
If you do decide to donate, please email us the confirmation of your donation, and we will email you back a special coupon code for use on LOSTARTLIQUIDS.COM!
Please email your donation confirmation to SUPPORT@LOSTARTLIQUIDS.COM.

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