Lost Art Liquids vs. FDA update 05/24/2017

UPDATE: This month marks 1 year since #LostArtLiquids had filed our lawsuit against the FDA. The FDA, in response to Lost Art Liquid's lawsuit, has asked for three months continuances so that they may assess the new administration's opinion on the deeming regulation. We argue that the deeming regulations are unconstitutional and violate multiple federal laws. Lost Art is scheduling meetings with the FDA, Congressmen and the Office of Management and Budget at the White House in our continued effort to lobby against the FDA's deeming rules, which could essentially eliminate the entire vape industry. Please contact us at INFO@LOSTARTLIQUIDS.COM If you want to join us in our fight against these inappropriate and burdensome rules. A strong, organized grassroots effort from Vapers, their families and the businesses that help our community are needed more now than ever!Together we can. 💪🏼#TechnologyNotTobacco 


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